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With The Ancestor' Power

About Mr. Maroof

Mr. Maroof Clairvoyant medium astrologer genuine African spiritual healer. With ancestor power. Born gifted with spiritual ability and power.Can help you with out of despair to resolve all of your issues by using occult sciences.  FROM A FAMILY WITH A VERY GOOD REPUTATION for helping people  .all around the world with good success rate. & healing the Spiritual way.

Love specialist. Resolve all love and relationship matters. Bring back loved one in the quickest way. If your loved one run away from you mr Maroof will bring him/her back to you with deep emotions and feelings. Your relation will be having a new beginning, marriages, health , success in business , re-up good luck, clear negativity and bad luck ,fix career and jobs issues.

If you are experiencing sexual problems/infertility and impotency mr Maroof can help to fix all of them with his ancestors powers by using traditional medecine mix of roots and spirituality.

Mr Maroof is also specialist in unknow illness ,jinx and pain inside your body and mysterious disease.
He can remove any evil force , back magic and jealousy influence from enemies. Fix also family problems and anti behavior in kids, court case , exams, immigration issues… Don’t suffer in silence and contact Mr Marouf call +61 420 368 252 .quick Result Never loose Any case

My Spiritual Healing restores your inner senses of well-being
by improving emotional-mental and physical conditions.

This healing experience generates
emotional-mental shifts and most beneficial changes.
I will help you to solve all your problems..

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Love, Family, Marriage, Legal and Business problems,
no matter what, I will end all your sufferings.


Court Cases

Love affairs & Impotency


Anger control

Drug Additions

Alcohol and Gambling


Love specialist

When will you find your soul mate? Soulmate connection, Love and all kind of love affairs such as Dating, Breaking Up & Divorce, Cheating,: Reunite lovers, Wife or girlfriend run away; Passion, happy relationship & deeper connections; Love of attraction.

Black Magic, Talismans or Tabeets

Black Magic, Luck,Bad Luck, Removing Spell, Strong Voodoo, Mystic abuse, Talismans or Tabeets, Kanouya, Keya, etc

Life & Business Alignments

Overcome your personal and business difficulties, move forward in the most positive and successful way. I handle all problems you may have from imotional to financial problems, court cases etc, you name it.

Drugs, Alcohol and Gambling Addictions

Let me help you relief from all your life addictions.

Love Specialist

Dating, Breaking Up & Divorce, Cheating,  Reunite Lovers, Wife or Girlfriend Run away, Love of Attraction.




Spiritual Advice

Trust and Confidentiality

Trust and confidentiality are of primary importance to my clients, and to me.  My Healing Session is a powerful transformational experience with deep emotional healing. It helps you  rejuvenate yourself  and move forward to  re-align your body and soul to be able to receive health and joy again. You will find the courage, the success, the change, the balance, the longevity, wisdom and happiness.

Call  Maroof +61 420 368 252

Spiritual Advice & Coaching

Are you seeking advice?  Spiritual development, relationship skills, balancing your life. Helping to  create positive changes in your life with spiritual guidance. Spiritual Counseling gives you an in depth understanding of your situation and personal relationships.  As clairvoyant, and a spiritual teacher, I will show you  how to find the answers in their own heart and soul.


Using My Ancestor Power

Mr maroof Clairvoyant medium astrologer genuine African spiritual healer. With ancestor power.  Born gifted with spiritual ability and power. I will help you  to resolve all of your issues by using occult sciences and heal your old wounds, end your sufferings, end your past life patterns, clear your aura, etc.  You will get rid of all  negative/harmful energy and thoughts.

Call  Maroof +61 420 368 252


I feel much stronger emotionally, no longer blocked and I’m able to deal with life situations. I am grateful Mr. Maroof for counseling and healing.
Mathew Wright
Maroof is gifted from God, unique, talented, compassionate and caring person. Thank you for all that you have done for my family; now feel much secure and strong imotionally and financially.
Stacy Flannery
I have never been able to deal with past traumas without Mr. Maroof help. Now, I feel awesome and happy. Thank you.
Nancy Green

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